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Can I use your art?
No. I'm sorry, but as an original artist, I really don't want my pic to be use. If you want to do art, then you have to make it on your own. That's what real artists should do.

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Yes, you can. It depends on you for the art style, fandoms, or others.

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Sorry, I don't take requests anymore. As for the art trades, I'll open it soon.
If I don't have much time to take art trades, then I suggest you to draw by yourself. Don't just say "But I can't draw!" to yourself because that's sounds like comparing to yourself. Just practice your drawing for yourself, no matter if it's good or bad. Remember; Art doesn't have to be perfect; there's no such thing as "perfect art."

Can I have your msn/yahoo/skype address?

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Haters Gonna Hate:


Kurt: Ah men, Scott. You ruined meine "Haters-gonna-Hate" dance!

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Found it from Google/Tumblr:

 photo tumblr_m4gavudA1A1r054yr.gif

And that is why it makes 9 the savior more awesome since Frodo Baggins.

 photo tumblr_inline_n3sjvbrsts1qaarq3.jpg

Screenshot from Hewy Toonmore's review of "Great Mouse Detective."

 photo ScreenShot2014-06-26at94327AM.png

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My career goals are to become an author for children novels with sketchy illustrations, and to work at the animation studios( whether is 2D, CGI, and Stop-Motion) as an animator or a character designer.

I am also the owner of "The Victor Brothers" account on Tumblr:

:heart: Fave Animals: Grey Wolves, Bald or Golden Eagles, Fruit Bats, African/Grey Crowned Crane, and Apes

:pumpkin: Fave Horror Films: Don't Be Afraid of the Dark (2011), Aliens, Carrie (both 1972 AND 2013), Orphan, The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari, Tusk, Dead Silence, Most Vincent Price films, etc....

Current Residence: Somewhere in the middle of No-Where
Favourite style of art: Burtony; Stop-Motion, CGI, and Hand-Drawn
Operating System: Mac OS X
MP3 player of choice: Ipod Touch
Wallpaper of choice: Dark-Grey
Favourite cartoon character: 9, Victor Van Dort, Beetlejuice, Spongebob, Plankton, Twilight Sparkle, Basil, Beast/Adam, Disgust, etc.
Personal Quote: There's more to animation than just 2D.

*Fact: How I struggled with my paranoia, after the day of my huge reaction when I saw giant cockroaches in my room:
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(Katsaridaphobic since last year. True Story. )


Origin: Japanese-American
Religion: Catholic Christian
Occupation: College Student; Character Designer/Animator, and Story-teller
Personality: Independent, Intelligent (or Smart Cookie), Creative, and Sensitive; Stubborn by nature; Nervous-Wreck; Good-hearted and Determined; Being silly with turdy sense of humor

:heart:Likes ( がすきです )::heart:
Fun/Art meme, Tim Burton's Films, Horror Films, Cartooning/Animation, Art History (mostly Modern Art), Disney Animated Films, Spongebob Squarepants, PPG/PPGZ, Dreamworks Animation, Aardman Studio, Japanese Culture, Grey Wolves, Birds, Apples, Coffee, Writing/Typing, Cartoons and Movies, Elmo and Zoe (along with Big Bird) from Sesame Street, Hawaii, Puppies, European Style/Culture, 18-19th century culture, Green Tea, Literature/Novels, Underrated/Underdog characters, Peanut Butter, Eggs, and Macadamia Nuts

Dislikes ( がきらいです ): :
Not-so-great/crappy memes, Progressive people, When people treat their "facts" as "opinions, (Disgusting) Fetish Art, Too much complaints, Stereotypes, Weeaboos, Liars, Controversy/Getting Arguments, "Wall-of-Texts," Adultery, Yaoi/Yuri, False Accusations, Invader Zim Fanbase, Fanbrats, "Claimers"/Negative fans, Trolls, Harassments, Fandom/Shipping Wars, High School, Anti-Character Clubs (they're waste of time), Demonic/Satanic-Images, Atrocious Fanfictions, Pairings that don't make sense, Explicit Pornography, Discrimination, Racism, Sexism, Child Abuse, Moths, Bees or Wasps, and Eggplants

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Okay, in this entry… yes, this is going to be critical. Just to be honest, I'm not really a critical person. But if I'm going to be truly honest, then I have to be rough with my thoughts. But before I’m going to write this, I’ve got something to say to you all;

Don’t take my words as personal attack. If you do, then you have some issues. I’m not here to make some drama. I’m here with my free speech. Okay, on with the show.

 Few months ago, I posted a stamp to defend the main character, 9, from underserved hate, along with my “critical” rant.

 Forgive 9 by Madame-Kikue

 I know some of you guys are going to think I would’ve get badger by “9 fans” just because of this stamp. I mean, 5-6 years ago, I did some previous posts/entry that I defended 9, but couple of “6” fans took my words way too seriously. Even one of them proved me how “wrong” I was about 6. 8/

But you know what? Recently, I’m just glad it didn't happen. Some of them read through my rant and then understood how I made some point. Others just ran off because my writing scares their pants off. I guess my writing did scare the crap out of them, did it?

Now, since I’m done with my rant on this stamp, I’m going to discuss about the issues of this fandom: the 9 OCs.

Now, keep that mind what I’m going to say. For the 9-Ocs… I’m not going to talk about the so-called “Sparkled” ones. I’m talking about non-sparkled, “normal” stitchpunks-OCs that don’t have boobs.




Now don’t take it as personal attack, 9 fans. There are some 9 OCs that I like; those who have better personality and didn’t ditch the canon characters, such as 9 and 7. Heck, including few OC+Canon characters (6, Twins, 5, 1) that I like. However, there are others that I’m not fully aware of.

 So… you really want to know? :iconimthinkingplz:

If you really want to know, then brace yourself. As Erik the Phantom of the Opera said; “Feast your eyes” and “glut your soul.” 
The problem is this;

There are too many 9 OCs everywhere in the fandom, while dissing canon characters, like 9. Oh, and yes, there’s even too many OC/Love-interests to either 5 or 6, which makes them womanizers. 8B

But that’s not the only thing that bothers me. Why’s that? Well, here’s why;

Most OCs are trying to be like "Oh, I can be better than 7 and 9, while I hate 1 for being a cold-hearted, evil villain."  Oh yeah. Yay. Good for you. Oh yeah, 1 is an “evil-villain” who is cold-hearted…. Except that he sacrificed himself to save 9 from the Machine at the end, you silly kids.
 Kiara annoying 

Some fans literally give sympathy on 9-OCs as "misfits," AND to 5/6/Twins/2 as "Oh, they need some love, cause they don't get enough screen time"... while neglecting 9, as if he's not good enough.

What’s the point about it? The reason why is because there are like 1000 9-OCs (along with 6 and 5 fanarts) everywhere in the fandom, while there’s not enough fanarts of 9. It’s like 9 doesn’t even exist in his owned movie anymore.

But you’re going to “like this.” I mean you really do;

Remember I mentioned about the “emo-bitch” issue from “Forgive 9” stamp I posted? Well, here’s this; Some fans, who created their own 9-OCs, portrayed 9, the main character, as an “arrogant, selfish stitchpunk doll,” letting other stitchpunks get killed… including the 9-OCs as baits.



Are you kidding me? Are you freaking kidding me? I know some of them don’t like 9, but why keep holding their grudge on him, just because their “fave” characters died by the Machine? They even enjoyed the song "Let it Go" from "Frozen."
 Unimpressed Gru icon 

What’s the big deal? Sure, I may love B.E.N. more than Jim Hawkins from “Treasure Planet,” but I would never portray Jim as an emo-ish turd in the fandom. Besides, Jim gave up being a lone-wolf and became a better young man, thanks to Silver. 

Why did the fans portrayed 9 as an arrogant “villain” in fanfics/fanarts to their OCs? They’re making him look like he’s some sort of hypocritical hero in the fanbase. Or making him like he’s Upham from Spielberg’s “Saving Private Ryan.”



Why I’m not that surprise? unimpressed.  That could’ve been worse than Brenda Carlton portraying Nancy Drew as a villain in her news-report work, from “Alibi in Ashes “ walkthrough videos that I watched.

Why some fans did that?

 Are they “trying” to get even on 9, just because he woke the Machine and let their “fave” characters get killed? Are they trying to make OCs better than 9, long with 7 and 1, because of “better” character with “cute” personality? Or were they just being jealous that 9 had “many” roles in the film as a titled character, while their fave “misfit” characters (5, 6, 2) didn’t?

I understand everybody has their own opinions, but only the honest ones. Just to explain, some of their "opinions" of 9 didn't make sense to me because none of them are true. They were just being biased. 

 Well, here’s to this:

Exactly. Who puts them on the planet? :iconseriouspinkieplz:


Sure, 9 did let others get killed, but here’s a fact: he would never, EVER do it on purpose. 9 was suppose to be the representation of humanity, while building up is own intelligence as a creative individual. He can be snarky and stiff-necked, but never a selfish person. If you’re mentioning about “stitchpunk sacrifice,” then that would be 1, not 9.

 I can’t say too much about it, so here’s more writing from my stamp.…

7 would never turn back on the stitchpunks, either, just because she ran off from the Sanctuary. Yes, she can be rough, but here’s a thing; she’s a very great mother figure to the Twins because she’s very protective. If she was selfish, then she would’ve let 2 and 5 get stomp by a giant robot from the war, or leaving the Twins as homeless orphans. The reason she left the Sanctuary with the Twins because she can’t no longer stand 1’s overprotection, while the world of humanity has ended. Besides, just like Astrid from “How to Train your Dragon,” she later became softer to 9.

As for 1… yes, he is overprotective. Yes, he is a coward. Yes, he has trust issues. But in the fandom, portraying 1 as “Hitler-villain” is getting way too off. T_T  In fact, he doesn’t deserve to be portrayed like this. I understand 1’s soul was based off the Scientist’s memory of the Chancellor, but that doesn’t make him as an Adolf-Hitler wannabe. Based on his tagline, 1 is trying to protect his group as his family from the Cat Beast, while he strongly dislikes dark science. The reason he sent 2 to die out there is because he doesn’t want to hear the Source nonsense, which is why he uses 8 to shut 6 up. At the end, 1 sacrificed himself to the B.R.A.I.N to save 9, after let go his cowardice. In fact, 1’s soul began to have bygones with 9, before the other souls went up to the sky.

You know, let me give you a fact that I watched from an official video clip; In the making of “9,” one of the crew said 1 has a dynamic, elderly child personality and have this insecurity. You know who said this? The film’s producer, Tim Burton.

Yes, “the” Tim Burton. “The” Tim Burton who directed “Corpse Bride” and “Edward Scissorhands.” I could see why Burton portrayed the Red Queen as an “elder child” who is jealous of her sister in the film he directed, “Alice in Wonderland.”

No wonder the fandom had gone done-hill since the beginning. Since this fandom came, I was looking forward to see something like dedication because of Elijah Wood’s role of 9, after “Lord of the Rings” films. But instead, all I saw was too much fanarts of 5, 6, the Twins, and 2 (plus OCs to them as love-interests/companions), while panning 9 and 1. Especially the “quality fanbase” on most 9-OCs by “9” fans.


Ugh. Why did you let me down, fandom? Why? And too many fanarts of 5 and 6 makes me want to “smack” them. 

No, no, not really. I do like 5 and 6, even though one of them didn't get fully character develop. But seeing too much fanarts of them is way too much for me. u_u

Now, before you guys are going to criticize me like “If you’re judging about 9 OCs, then why you have one,” here’s a thing: YES, I do have one. But here’s something that I’m explaining;

 For my OC, 95, I didn’t make her better than all 9 Canon characters. I created her because I thought it would be a good idea to see a companion/little-sister figure to 9. In fact, while I kept developing her more, I tried to make her supportive and determined to 9, as a spunky character. Yes, she is a bratty and snarky, but at least it gives her a character.

 I mean, who says you can’t create an OC as a companion to 9? I even saw few 9-OCs as surrogated daughter figures to 1. After all, portraying 1 as an “overprotective” father figure can work because of his personality.

 That happens in “Corpse Bride” fandom when I created Missy, since she was inspired by Marge Simpson’s dog form from "The Simpsons," long time ago. I made Missy as a love-interest to Scraps because there’s not enough love to this cute little dead dog… while there’s too many Victor-x-Emily stuff everywhere in the fanbase. 

You see, I didn’t create a 9-OC to make her/him better than Canon characters, or have to make a love-interest to a stitchpunk doll. I created an OC for creativity, inspiration, and fun.

 If fans labeled 9 as a “Sue character,” then what about their own 9-OCs? Sure, 9-OCs may have “unsparkled” designs, but that doesn’t mean they don't have Sue-qualities. Fans should double-check their 9 OCs, to make sure they don’t have Sueish-quality. That’s part of the development.

Well, even though I came back to this fandom, I just hope this fanbase will improve better. If not, then what else I can do? -_- But I also hope to see if "9 fans" improve themselves today, unlike 5-6 years ago. 

 If some of you guys are going to think I'm acting too rough, let me remind you;

I’m not trying to be too critical, even though I have to be rough with my honesty. Also, I didn’t mean to make an offense. But I have to make some points, based on my honest thoughts. As a senior animation student, I studied what are the importance of character flaws in the storyline.

Also, there are other people who are not into too many 9-OCs stuff. That's fine for them, since they have their own opinions. 

If guys disagree with me, that's okay for that.  As long as you don’t make a childish fuss about this, then I’m cool if with it.

That’s it for now, until the next foul comes.

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  • Listening to: Florence and the Machine
  • Reading: Sanctum by Madeleine Roux
  • Watching: Markiplier
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I don't mind Ace/Buttercup, while I can't stand PPG+RRB pairings in general. That's why I prefer Taka+Minako(Bubbles) from PPGZ, since Taka is a sad boy who is desperate to be free, due to his heart condition. Besides, in the flashback, Taka respect Little Bubbles' feeling from getting bullied by the other boys (unlike Boomer).
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